Frequently asked questions

Where can I see samples of the Activity Book, Leader’s Guide, videos, music CDs, and other DC4K kit items?

View DC4K program components using these links:

Do I have to be a trained counselor to run DC4K?

No, you don’t. DC4K is designed to be led by a team of three or more adult volunteers from your congregation.

In the DC4K kit is a Leader’s Training DVD, a comprehensive Leader’s Guide, and a step-by-step Lesson Plans book to equip your lay leadership team.

Plus leaders have access to classroom prep downloads and “how to” articles on the LeaderZone online Library.

Your DC4K personal ministry coaches are available to answer questions and to support and encourage your team leaders.

Who will come to our DC4K group?

DivorceCare for Kids will clearly minister to children (ages 5–12) within your church whose parents are experiencing separation or divorce, but it also holds a much larger potential for ministry throughout your community. Once you make your group known, it’s likely that about 85% of the children who come to your group will come from outside your church. Most significantly, half will not be churchgoers and will not be followers of Christ. DC4K represents a tremendous outreach and evangelism tool for your church!

How will we get people to come to our DC4K group?

Your DC4K kit includes an extensive array of promotional strategies and tools to help you launch with success and grow your program once it is underway.

Where will I find leaders for our DC4K program?

God will call forth DC4K leaders from your congregation as you use the leader recruitment video and follow the recruitment plan.

Here are people you might consider:

  • Adult children of divorce who are emotionally and spiritually healthy
  • Single parents who have recovered from their own divorce
  • Senior adults who have children experiencing a divorce
  • Grandparents who want to help other people’s grandchildren find comfort
  • Schoolteachers and child care staff
  • People who have a passion and God-given talents to assist children and help them grow in the Lord

Am I qualified to be a DC4K leader?

As we mentioned before, you don’t have to be a trained counselor to lead DC4K. But leaders need to evaluate themselves to see if they’re ready to lead. So we’ve created a profile of the person who is. Use it to determine your readiness.

If I don’t like DC4K, may I return it?

Certainly! Once you receive your kit, you have 30 days to return it. Your 30-day guarantee goes into effect the day your kit arrives. Here’s more on our 30-day, no-risk, guarantee policy.

What’s the best way to present DC4K to my pastor?

We suggest you schedule a 30-minute meeting with your pastor. Use that session to explain what DC4K is and why you’d like to offer it at your church. Here are a few tips on what to communicate during that meeting. We’ve also prepared a handout you can give to your pastor before or after your meeting. It summarizes what DC4K is and tells him where he can find more information about DC4K.

What about the adult DivorceCare program? Do I have to start that program at the same time our church launches DC4K?

It would be great if you could start both simultaneously, but it’s not required. We’d encourage you to make it a goal to ultimately offer both programs. They are designed to work together, and the need to help hurting families is great.

What age is DC4K for?

5–12 year olds.

What happens during a typical meeting?

Kids have fun learning skills to maneuver through the rough places of divorce while learning about Jesus as their healer and that they are not alone. Find out what a child will experience at DC4K.

Weekly activities include group projects, DVD drama, music, games, crafts, snack, story, journaling, drawing, DVD Bible story, and making friends/building relationships with other children and adults in the DC4K group.

What do they talk about in DC4K?

See the session topics and descriptions.

Is DC4K counseling or group therapy?

No, DC4K is a children’s support group led by caring folks from the congregation.

What about confidentiality?

The DC4K team emphasizes that they are Safekeepers, there to keep each child safe while attending DC4K. It is the children’s job to keep themselves and others safe in the DC4K environment. We talk about confidentiality and not sharing information outside the group. Unless a student is in danger, confidentiality is honored.

Are the Activity Books necessary?

Every child attending DC4K needs to have a personal copy of the Activity Book. As the kids interact with the Activity Book, it becomes a record of their healing journey and great reminders and memories of what they learn.