Strategic opportunities for your church

DC4K does more than help children of divorce and separation. It also benefits your church. Here’s how:

Grows your church

DC4K attracts nonbelievers to churches. Many leaders report that over 85% of children who attend are not members of the DC4K host church. As a result of participating in DC4K and becoming involved in the host church, these children and their parents often become church members.

Introduces people to Christ

In a typical DC4K group, about half of the children who come are not churchgoers and are not followers of Christ. The DC4K program points them to Christ as the source of healing.

Lessens staff counseling load

Offer individual care to every child and adult in your community, and you and your church staff won’t get anything else done. DC4K combined with the adult DivorceCare program allows you to offer a family-focused divorce recovery ministry to your community. That way you can help many divorced and separated families at once.

A catalyst for lay ministry

You probably have church members who are passionate about helping children whose parents are separated and divorced. DC4K is perfect for them. And they can begin a DC4K ministry without lengthy and expensive training.

What DC4K is and how it works

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