Outreach potential

DC4K is much more than an in-house children’s help and care resource. DC4K is the foundation of a powerful outreach and evangelism ministry for your church.

Draws hurting families

Watch this DC4K webcam video to see how DC4K grows churches!

Children in families facing separation and divorce are experiencing a life trauma. It affects them emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Hurt and confused, they often do not know what to do with their emotions and worries.

When parents who are divorced or separated discover that your church offers a program to help their children, it’s likely that they’ll want their children to participate. Why? The parents, too, are hurt and confused, and they are fearful that the breakup will negatively affect their children. That’s why many churches report that over 85% of children who attend a DC4K group are not from their church. Significantly, half are not active churchgoers and are not followers of Christ.

Presents the gospel

During the 13-week DC4K series, the children hear the gospel multiple times. Their Activity Books contain a detailed explanation of the gospel message, and the children will hear it through the videos and small group circle times. DC4K’s Christ-centered content shows those who are hurting how the Bible and the message of the gospel apply to their current situation.

Grows your church

The DC4K participants will visit your church for several weeks as they attend DC4K. Many non-churchgoing participants will also ask their parents if they can begin to visit on Sunday mornings. As a result, there are several opportunities to build relationships with these single-parent families and integrate them into your church family.