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Here’s what people are saying about DC4K

“It’s so comprehensive.”

— Nancy, DC4K leader

“The curriculum is well laid out.”

— Don, Yakima, WA

“I have never seen kids more excited to attend a program.”

— Monica, Edmonton, AB

“We are truly in awe of this program.”

— Lori, Little Rock, AR


— John, West Chester, OH

“God is using DC4K.”

— Gina

“I haven’t seen my girls laughing like that for a long time!”

— Parent of a DC4K participant

“Our kids are finally communicating with us.”

— Parent of a DC4K participant

“It helps the kids deal with their feelings using Christ’s love.”

— Monica, Edmonton, AB

“We average eight children, and none of them belong to our church.”

— Ross, Grand Blanc, MI

“Nineteen kids signed up, and many are from outside our congregation.”

— Tim, Keller, TX

“It’s an awesome community outreach.”

— Jan, Grand Blanc, MI

“We had seven children pray to receive Christ.”

— Coleena, DC4K leader

“I could go on for days about successes in this program.”