Presenting DC4K to your church leaders

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Step-by-step instructions presenting DC4K to your church leaders.
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“I’m ready to tell my church leaders about DC4K. But where do I start?”

You’re excited about the possibility of your church offering this ministry, but you haven’t yet presented it to your church leaders. You know how busy they are, and you want to be sure to communicate the main points.

Here’s how to present DivorceCare for Kids to your church staff with clarity, conciseness, and passion.

Schedule a 30-minute appointment

This is key. Otherwise, you’ll ambush your pastor with information he may not be ready to process. Plus, during an impromptu meeting, you’ll likely feel rushed and forget to make key points.

During the meeting

Here’s what you’ll want to communicate during your meeting:

Explain what DC4K is

If your church leadership isn’t clear about what DC4K is, they probably won’t give you a green light. So communicate that:

  • DC4K is a Christ-centered, video-based ministry. It helps children whose parents are separated and divorced.
  • DC4K is designed to reach and help children inside, and outside, the host church.
  • DC4K does not encourage divorce. It helps children who’ve been hurt by it.

Explain what DC4K consistently does

  • DC4K helps churches grow. This is due to the fact that DC4K draws people from outside of the host church. These “guests” often join the host church.
  • DC4K introduces children to Christ. Many of the people who attend from the community likely will not have an active spiritual life and will not be followers of Christ.
  • DC4K empowers your church to minister to multiple children at the same time.
  • DC4K leads to healing and coping skills, and it teaches children how to identify and communicate their emotions and worries.

Explain why you want to begin this ministry at your church

You have a passion to help children whose parents are in divorce and separation. Maybe you’ve been there yourself—knowing the loneliness, confusion, sadness and anger, the feelings of rejection and guilt, and the fears for your future.

Share why you have a passion for this ministry, and what could happen if your church supports it. Express your vision and commitment. Church leaders need to know that you will be around to follow through and build the ministry.

Share your plan

  • Explain that you’d like to form a team to lead DC4K at your church.
  • Let your pastor know what your role will be on the team, the number of other people you’ll need and what their roles will be (a person for publicity, someone to be a greeter, a person to co-facilitate the group with you, etc.).
  • Give your pastor a proposed budget. Remember that DC4K parents typically pay for the Activity Books, so the church won't have to pay for them.

Explain why you think the program will be a success

  • The program comes with a training video and detailed Leader’s Guide and Lesson Plans.
  • DC4K offers free phone support and a leadership website to help you troubleshoot problems. You won’t have to bombard the church leadership with questions about how to make it work.
  • DC4K comes with publicity materials (posters, promotional videos, newspaper ads, and more).

Tell your pastor what you need

  • Support: You’ll need the church to provide an adequate meeting space, and the time and resources to promote your group inside and outside the church.
  • A kit: Ask your church to purchase the kit and your initial order of Activity Books.
  • Ask your pastor when he’ll let you know of the final decision.

What to leave with your pastor

Leave the “Introducing DC4K” sheet with your pastor. It contains a summary of what you’ll have shared with him, plus instructions on where he can go to find more information on DC4K.

Need more help?

Contact us. Our DC4K ministry coaches will answer any questions you have about DC4K and to help you begin this ministry at your church. Just give us a call at 1-800-489-7778 (919-562-2112 international).