Leader Equipping training video

The Leader Training Video (orange DVD) provides an overview of what it takes to run a successful DC4K ministry. It’s an essential tool for training all DC4K volunteers at your church. A Leader Training Video is included in each kit.

Video clip

Part 3 (12:00 minutes)

The video presentation on this DVD can be used in three different ways:

Individual viewing

If you have overall responsibility for DC4K in your church or if you are the person starting a new DC4K ministry, use this DVD to help you formulate a strategy and foundation for your ministry.

New leader training

Make it a priority to go over this DVD content and related material with each new person you recruit to your leadership team. You should not hand off the Leader Training Video to individuals to view on their own. Rather, all new leaders should see this DVD with their director or primary leader in order to process the discussion questions after the video and answer any further questions. This will help ensure the consistency of your program.

Leadership training sessions

The Leader Training Video can also be used as a valuable resource as you train and equip your leaders (both veteran and new leaders). Annually, you and your leadership team will want to review the Leader Training Video.

This video is divided into three training sections. The DC4K Leader’s Guide contains an outline, agenda, and discussion questions for running a training session using this video.