Journaling and Activity Book

Kids using the Activity Book Activity Book

DivorceCare for Kids features an awesome Activity Book for each child. From completing the word searches to navigating the crossword puzzles, the children learn in intriguing and interesting ways about divorce words, about their feelings, families, loneliness, and even about personal finances. Throughout the Activity Book, God’s Word continually encourages and teaches each child how to come to Him in times of crises.

The DC4K Activity Book also provides ample opportunity for the children to journal what’s happening in their lives. Through journaling, the children will be able to track and tell their own stories about how they were able to learn and grow through difficult times. During discussion of the children’s Activity Book and journaling pages, DC4K leaders will be able to continually help each child heal and progress through recovery.

Download a preview of the Activity Book

Download the sample Activity Book chapter 1 below. (You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the sample chapter.)

Sample Activity Book chapter 1

Sample Activity Book chapter 1 (466 KB)