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Are you a parent? Here you can find resources for your kids outside of DC4K.

Stories for Kids in Divorce

Stories for Kids in Divorce

Stories for Kids in Divorce is a read aloud storybook created to promote hope in every child who is struggling with the divorce of his or her parents.

Price: $15

DivorceCare for Kids Music CDs

DivorceCare for Kids Music CDs

The two music CDs contain 30 songs written or arranged for children experiencing the divorce of their parents.

Price: $12

Divorce Care: Hope, Help, and Healing During and After Your Divorce

DivorceCare: Hope, Help, and Healing During and After Your Divorce

There is joy, strength, and healing available to you in the midst of separation or divorce.

In this 365-day devotional, you will meet men and women who have come through the darkness of separation and divorce and who now walk in the bright hope of God’s love and healing. You will be encouraged and inspired by some of today’s most respected and well-known Christian leaders and psychologists, including Kay Arthur, Dr. Tim Clinton, H. Norman Wright, and Dr. Tony Evans. The daily readings and heartfelt prayers in the DivorceCare book affirm God’s love for you. You’ll discover that the divorce process can be a powerful catalyst for good in your life, transforming deep loss into meaningful growth with God.

Price: $14

Free resources

We want to help you on your journey toward recovery. Here are some resources that can help you personally in your quest to help your children:

Daily encouragement

One Day at a Time - Free daily email - real encouragement

Subscribe to “One Day at a Time,” our free daily email messages designed to encourage you. You’ll receive 365 uplifting messages that will help guide you through the healing process. Through these inspiring words, you’ll also find aids to help you parent and better understand your children during this time.

Helping you parent

The ParentZone provides helpful resources to you as a parent. Articles and advice for the newly divorced parent, as well as the seasoned single parent, guide you and encourage you as you parent alone. If your children are participating in a DC4K group, the Parent Pages can become your guide to enhancing the parent/child relationship by making you aware of the weekly theme and giving you tips to help create stronger bonds when the children are in your home.