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Note: Access to the LeaderZone is limited to people who are part of the leadership team of a DC4K group and to staff of the church that sponsors the group.

If you don’t meet those criteria and are interested in starting a DC4K group, find out how to launch a group here. Once you’ve ordered DC4K materials, you’ll be eligible to join this exciting online community!

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DC4K Materials

Resources to help you start and sustain a healthy DivorceCare for Kids group: DC4K Kit, Activity Books, Brochures and Posters.

Stories for Kids in Divorce

Stories for Kids in Divorce

Stories for Kids in Divorce is a read aloud storybook created to promote hope in every child who is struggling with the divorce of his or her parents.

DivorceCare for Kids Music CDs

DivorceCare for Kids Music CDs

DivorceCare for Kids Music CDs includes two music CDs containing 30 songs written or arranged for children experiencing the divorce of their parents.

Leading DC4K: You’re never alone

DC4K leaders and church staff have access to a wide array of support to ensure the success of your DC4K group.


You will be able to explore the wealth of information and resources in the LeaderZone. (Note: You can only access the LeaderZone after your church has purchased a DC4K kit.) LeaderZone resources include:

  • Leadership library: Valuable articles on starting and leading a healthy group ministry, handling challenges, promoting the ministry, and more. Session-by-session downloads, classroom prep resources, and valuable articles for setting up an effective DC4K environment.
  • Free online advertising for your group: Churches offering DC4K to their communities get a free listing in our online “Find a Group” search engine and can list specifics about their weekly group. This is a powerful promotional tool. See it in action.
  • Promotional tools: Logos & sample ads, create a banner, promo videos, and logo apparel.
  • Leadership store: Order workbooks, posters, brochures, and replacement items for your kit.

And much more!

Free access to our DC4K ministry coaches

Leaders have free access to unlimited, one-on-one support from our ministry coaches via email and telephone. They’ll help you start, maintain, and grow your DC4K ministry. And it’s their sole focus. So don’t hesitate to contact them:

Call 800-489-7778

Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm ET

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Email info@dc4k.org

Email Leaders’ Forum

The DC4K Leaders’ Forum is a daily, moderated email forum, accessible to DC4K leaders and church staff after a church buys a kit. DC4K leaders from around the world participate in a helpful and lively exchange of ideas on how to lead DC4K groups. By participating in the Forum, leaders find answers to their questions about running a DC4K group, share prayer requests, discover new ideas and events, and offer support to other leaders. Leaders can also search the Forum archives for information on specific topics related to children and divorce. We encourage all DC4K leaders to participate in this valuable and informative Forum! Sign up for the email Leaders’ Forum in the DC4K LeaderZone.