Session topics

Children come to DC4K excited to connect with their newfound friends. Each session is filled with engaging activities that center around a weekly theme. These topics correlate with those discussed in the adult DivorceCare sessions. When you and your children are learning about similar topics each week, you create many opportunities to bond and enrich your family.

1. What’s Happening to My Family?

During this session your children will find comfort and relief from the anxiety of what is happening in their lives. They will learn what to expect each week in DC4K.

2. God Loves Children in All Kinds of Families

This session assists your children in realizing that everyone’s family situation is different. It also encourages your children to help you develop a healthy single-parent home.

3. Facing My Anger

This unit helps your children recognize angry feelings and how to deal with these feelings in a healthy and acceptable way. They will learn it’s okay to be mad but not to hurt others when they are angry.

4. Journey from Anger to Sadness

This session’s goal is to acquaint your children with the sadness phase of grief in the divorce process. It helps them learn how to process this in an emotionally healthy manner.

5. I Am Not Alone

Your children will realize they are not alone and there are people, including a heavenly Father, who care about them and love them. They will understand that it is okay to ask for help.

6. God’s Plan for Me

This session gives your children hope and comfort in knowing God always loves them and will meet all of their needs. Your children will realize they have choices to make, and they’ll learn how their choices affect others.

7. Developing New Relationships

This week’s theme helps your children realize their relationships with Mom and Dad and others are different since the divorce. Your children will learn how to develop new relationships. They will realize it’s okay to be loyal to each parent without feeling guilty.

8. Developing Money Smarts

Helping your children understand various aspects of budgeting and spending will help them understand budgeting issues in your family. This unit includes ideas about earning and spending money wisely.

9. It’s Not My Fault

This session communicates to your children that divorce is an adult problem between two parents. Your children will learn the divorce is not their fault.

10. Telling My Parents How I Feel

This session helps your children learn how to talk to you and their other parent about how they feel about different situations in an honest, yet respectful manner.

11. Forgiveness

The goal is to help your children understand what forgiveness is and how to forgive others. This session exposes your children to the concept of taking responsibility for their own actions and attitudes.

12. Loving My Parents

This session is designed to educate your children that their parents still love them and to help each child express love to both parents.

13. Moving On: Growing UP and Closer to God

This session assists your children in realizing life goes on after divorce and they can have healthy and happy futures. It helps the children understand they are individuals with their own talents, hobbies, and interests.