What your child will experience

DC4K is a special group that provides a safe and caring place for your children to engage in fun-filled activities while learning about the divorce and the many changes they are encountering in their lives. All of the activities fit into a two-hour weekly format. Each group meets for 13 consecutive weeks.

From participating in group activities and games to eating and laughing together, children have fun at DC4K.


Viewing the specially written Kids Like Me video helps children learn how to deal with daily dilemmas children of divorce face. In the Stories from the Bible video the children learn about people in the Bible who experienced some of the same difficulties they are experiencing.


Expressing themselves through arts and crafts projects centered on the weekly topic provides entertainment while helping your children process the divorce. Interesting projects include bubble printing, homemade Etch A Sketch®, illusion-noculars, thumbprint art, forgiveness cards, drawing, painting, creating, and much more.


Listening to a read aloud storybook connects your children with real-life situations involving other children in divorce. These stories offer practical suggestions for dealing with the many struggles each child faces. The stories also serve as a springboard for heartfelt discussions with you, their DC4K leaders, and other people in their lives.

Playing games

Playing games helps children understand changes divorce brings, promotes teamwork, helps them deepen their trust bonds, and encourages them to lean on each other and to minister to one another with the love of God.


Connecting with caring leaders and interacting with other children in small group discussions, devotions, and demonstrations helps your children better understand their individual situations.


Children will hear relevant and age-appropriate Bible passages. These verses will guide them how to respond in difficult circumstances and assure them of God’s love for them.


Eating together and being introduced to comfort foods, stress-reducing foods, and foods that help children focus helps provide your children with a feeling of connectedness in a stress-free atmosphere.


Laughing and having fun with other children gives every child an opportunity to make and enjoy newfound friends at DC4K.


Journaling and drawing pictures in their DC4K Activity Book helps your kids sort through their feelings.


Singing and listening to cheerful music, written to bring comfort, helps soothe hurt feelings.


Stretching, breathing, and physical exercise help reduce stress levels.

DC4K sessions are designed to develop personal strengths and resiliency in your children. Find a group near you now.