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The ParentZone provides helpful videos and articles to assist you on your single-parenting journey. Uplifting messages encourage you. Inspiring articles written from personal experience guide you.

You are not alone on your single-parenting journey. You will come to realize through many of these resources that others have survived and raised healthy, well-adjusted children and that there is hope for you too.

Tips to minimize the effects of divorce on your kids


Make sure the kids know they are loved by both parents.
Encourage extended family and friend relationships on both sides of the family.
Provide consistent rules/expectations at both homes to maintain security for the children.
Give yourself and your children time to heal (don’t date the first year of your divorce).
Determine that the children are more important than battling adult issues with your ex.
Keep your promises (don’t make promises you can’t keep).
Establish new patterns that you and the kids can look forward to each week.


Don’t fight in front of the kids or speak poorly about your ex. It hurts your kids.
Don’t use your children as messengers or spies to relay info.
Don’t talk about “good parenting/bad parenting” in front of your children.
Don’t make your children have to choose, defend, or stand up for a parent.
Don’t discuss adult issues with kids (like child support, debt, relationships, or affairs).
Don’t make your children feel guilty when they are with the other parent.
Don’t try to “buy” your kids’ affection; they need you and stability, not stuff.

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DC4K is a 13-week, faith-based, kid-friendly group with hands-on interaction and support for kids ages 5–12 whose parents are separated or divorced.

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