The ParentZone provides helpful articles to assist you on your single-parenting journey. Uplifting messages encourage you. Inspiring articles written from personal experience guide you.

Whether you are a newly divorced parent or have been single parenting for years, these articles help you become a better and wiser single parent. The ParentZone contains funny stories about single parenting during the turbulent teenage years, articles to help you understand what your children are thinking, and ideas to help you cope and to get through the holidays.

You are not alone on your single-parenting journey. You will come to realize through many of these articles that others have survived and raised healthy, well-adjusted children and that there is hope for you too.

“My kids are happy to know they are not the only ones going through this.”

— Parent with children in DC4K

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Children and divorce

Birthdays and Mother's Day: What's a Kid to Do? PDF 143KB

Do you wonder how your children will know to celebrate your birthday or Mother's Day? Hear from this single mom how she had to change her mindset about her birthday and then Mother's Day.

Poof, Disappeared! What Happened? PDF 94KB

Divorce or separation can be confusing for a child, especially when the child thinks he or she is going to disappear. Read about one child's confusion and how this single parent handled the situation.

Separating Siblings in the Divorce PDF 102KB

In deciding the custody arrangements of your divorce, are you trying to decide if you and your soon-to-be-ex should divide the children between you? This article will give you insights into the idea of separating siblings and why it is not the best idea for the children.

The DC4K Program Helps Children of Divorce PDF 98KB

To address the issue of "children of divorce," met with Linda Ranson Jacobs, creator and developer of DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K), a ministry program of Church Initiative, based out of Wake Forest, North Carolina. DC4K is a 13-week program designed to help churches bring hope and help to children of divorce.

Single-parent Bible enrichment series

The Lord Is My Shepherd ... PDF 143KB

As a single parent do you ever wonder how you are going to survive? You love the Lord and you believe the Lord is your shepherd, but do you wonder how all of this shepherd stuff fits into your life right now? This study will help you define your role as a single parent. It will assist you in discovering the truths in God's Word that will help you parent your children.


Celebrating Christmas in Single Parent Homes PDF 102KB

All too often we Christians get caught up in our own life and forget the people around us who are dreading the season of Christmas. This article will spark your imagination and hopefully touch your heart as to what your role is in your own single parent home and in the lives of many of your single parent friends and their children.

Give It All to Jesus, Even Those We Love PDF 94KB

This article shares how you can survive a crisis during the holidays.

Helping Children of Divorce Through the Holidays PDF 111KB

Discover wise and practical advice on how to help your children through the holidays.

Reasons Why Children Get Angry during the Holidays PDF 102KB

This article explains ways children may express their anger over the holidays and how you can help.

The Wind Chime That Changed Christmas

For this single parent family it was the first Christmas without the other parent. How could a wind chime make a difference? Read about how it changed this family's time together.

Thinking about Celebrating the Holidays with Your Ex? PDF 106KB

Learn how celebrating the holidays with your ex can keep your children from accepting the reality of the divorce.

Why Do Children Struggle with Guilt during the Holiday Season? PDF 94KB

Many children feel like the divorce is their fault. So when the holidays come around, this feeling of being responsible for the breakup of the family creates a lot of guilt. As a single parent, what can you do to keep a child from feeling guilty during the holidays when you yourself may be experiencing some guilt feelings? Read this article to find out.

Newly divorced

Forget the Former Things PDF 115KB

Are you finding it difficult to parent your children by yourself? If you are adjusting to being divorced and have surpassed the shock and numbing phase of your divorce, this article can help you move forward in your life.

Getting Help for My Children PDF 94KB

The following message comes from a single mom in Ohio. Please allow this message to bring hope and encouragement to you as you parent your children alone.

Preschool-Age Children and Divorce PDF 102KB

Parents of preschool-age children are wise to seek help when there is a divorce. Find out more in this article.

Restoring the Family of Divorce PDF 94KB

After a spouse leaves the marriage, many times the parent who is left alone with the children feels like he or she doesn't belong to a family any longer. But that's not true. With the Lord's help even families with only one parent can become strong, healthy, functioning families.

The Seasons of Single Parenting PDF 98KB

When you first become a single parent, life can be overwhelming. The way one approaches parenting alone can make a big difference. This article will help change your perspective and make your single parenting journey a little easier.

What If My Child Becomes Too Dependent on the DC4K Leader? PDF 98KB

People have asked ,"How do you keep children from becoming too attached to their DC4K leaders, too dependent on them, and wanting them to take the place of their parent?" As a single parent you may also have this concern. This article will give you insights on how DC4K circumvents that concern.

Your Home Is Not Broken PDF 119KB

Do your children live in a single parent family, or in a broken home? Do you realize that you have a family, even though there may be only one parent? Based on Jeremiah 18:1-6.

How-to parenting tips

Do You Babble or Do You Make Sense? PDF 119KB

Single parenting is a tough job. Learn how to communicate with your children in a way that displays respect and encourages a strong parent-child relationship.

Parenting Your Active, ADD, ADHD or Whirlwind Child PDF 135KB

Many times as a single parent you will suddenly find yourself in the principal's office or standing before your child's teacher at school. Everyone in the world is insisting there is a problem with your child or they are telling you your child is ADD or ADHD. The simple solution is to medicate your child. Are there other things you need to do or know? This article explores some tips to help you parent your active child.

Single Parents Come in Three Distinct Stages PDF 86KB

As single parents navigate parenting by themselves, they go through definite stages. These stages can be grouped into three distinct phases-surviving, transitioning and emerging. This article series will help you as a single parent.

Single Parents Come in Three Stages, Stage 1 PDF 119KB

You feel like you are in the middle of a nightmare only to wake and find it's not a dream but a reality. You are a parent without a partner. Will the nightmare ever end? It seems like it will last forever, but it won't. Read this article to learn how to survive.

Single Parents Come in Three Stages, Stage 2 PDF 115KB

Moving from reality to becoming a healthy single parent—the second stage of single parenting. Learn more in this article!

Single Parents Come in Three Stages, Stage 3 PDF 115KB

Moving from crisis to reality—the third stage of single parenting. Learn more in this article!

Surviving crises

Scriptural Journey Through Crises PDF 119KB

Have you ever felt like you were not going to survive one more crisis? This article will help you when you need assistance during those times in your life when everything is falling apart.

Where Are You God? PDF 102KB

"Oh God, if I could just hold her. I want to comfort her and let her know everything is going to be okay. I just want to pull her in close to me and let her feel my skin and feel me close to her. I want her to feel my heart beat against her heart..." Read this single mom's story of a sick child and how the mother learned to let God comfort and sustain her.


About the Developer of DC4K and the ParentZone PDF 340KB

Learn more about the creator and developer of DC4K.

New Generation of Marriages Doomed to Fail PDF 340KB

The divorces of yesterday and today affect the marriages of tomorrow. This article explains why and how you can help stop this doomsday prediction.