Family healing

Everyone in your family needs to find healing from the hurt and pain of divorce. In order to help your family recover, we have provided two different programs—one for you and one for your children.


DivorceCare is a 13-week program designed to help you find comfort and healing in a divorce recovery support group program. DivorceCare for Kids, a program for children 5–12 years of age, is a companion to the adult DivorceCare. The weekly themes for both programs complement each other. Because both you and your children are on the same or similar topics each week, it creates opportunities for meaningful conversations about the issues you face.

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Check out the ParentZone and discover FREE articles, resources, and advice to help and encourage you on your single-parenting journey. Whether you are a newly divorced parent or you have been single parenting for years, the ParentZone library contains articles to help you become a better and wiser single parent. Articles for the newly divorced single parent give you guidelines and ideas about how to do this parenting thing alone. The seasoned single parent will enjoy and be able to relate to funny stories about parenting during the teenage years. Articles like “Poof, Disappeared! What Happened?” will help you understand what your children are thinking. “The Wind Chime That Changed Christmas” will give you a smile during the holidays. Stories about single parents in the Bible lend hope as you read about their lives.

“I have found a gold mine! It’s called the ParentZone. I have spent the morning crying and laughing as I have read these.”

— Single parent, MI

“The ‘Single Parenting in Three Stages’ article is absolutely dead on. Thank you for putting into words the many emotions we continue to have on this journey before us.”