Children are excited to talk about DC4K. Over and over we hear reports about children wanting to share with their parents what they are learning at DC4K and how it is helping them. For many parents, talking about the divorce has been off limits, but DC4K is opening the doors for communication. Comments from grandparents, schoolteachers, and counselors tell us DC4K is relevant to today’s culture.

What children are saying

“At DC4K I learned it’s never the kid’s fault when parents get divorced.”

“The thing I learned the most is to control my temper.”

“I don’t cry as much anymore.”

“DC4K rocks!”

“What I learned the most was about forgiveness!”

“My grades jumped two grade points during DC4K.”

“I love my DC4K leaders.”

What parents are saying

“My kids are opening up and talking about their feelings.”

“My kids are happy to know they are not the only ones going through this.”

“DC4K helped foster communication between my children and me.”

“On DC4K night my son rushes home after school and does his homework first so he will be ready on time for class.”

“As I tucked my son in bed, he said, ‘Mommy, I know it’s not my fault.’”

“Enrolling my kids in this program is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

What grandparents are saying

“I am a grandmother of three precious children whose parents are divorced, and DC4K has helped me understand better how to help them.”

“I was most impressed when my granddaughter said that she knows she can talk to Jesus anytime she wants or needs to!”

“My grandson and his six-year-old sister had their first report cards, and both had A’s and B’s … and this after only a few weeks in DC4K.”

“When I figured out my grandson was being driven on a 280-mile round trip for 13 weeks to attend DC4K, I almost cried. I am so proud my grandson is getting the help he needs.”

What counselors are saying

“An 11-year-old in my private practice started crying and said, ‘Every kid who’s going through what I am needs to see this [Kids Like Me video].’”

“A mom reported that her son’s counselor was very impressed with his behavior after attending DC4K for only a short time.”

“In our county we have a judge who mandates that every family go through a [recovery or counseling] program before she will sign the divorce decree. DC4K is one of the options.”

What schoolteachers are saying

“As an elementary teacher it’s refreshing to see something written for children that addresses their needs so effectively. This is cutting edge material.”

— Arlington, TX

“This is the very best laid out program I have seen. It’s like a 20-year veteran teacher put everything into one complete detailed curriculum and handed it to a first-year teacher.”