How does it work?

See what typically happens during a DC4K session.

Over 13 weeks, DC4K shows children how to access the hope, help, and healing that God offers. Here’s how it works:

Children attend 13 weekly sessions

Participants meet for 13 weekly DC4K sessions. Each session features activities, lessons, games, crafts, music, and videos that all combine to teach biblical concepts that pertain to a divorce-related struggle. Children look forward to each weekly session, filled with fun and helpful activities including:

Children join in a welcoming activity: The lesson plans describe the “Greeting” time and how the activities/crafts fit into the weekly theme.

Participants view a video: The video drama stars a group of kids, some of whose parents are divorced or separated, and follows them through a summertime adventure as they face the ups and downs of family struggles. Discussion questions are included in the lesson plans.

They listen to a story from Stories for Kids in Divorce: These stories and discussion questions are based on real-life stories of children in divorce and how they learned to find help, sort through their emotions, and cope with the different issues occurring in their family life.

Children choose activity stations: Children will move through stations where they can do an Activity Book exercise, write in their journal, have a healthy snack, or make a craft.

They join in a time of devotion and prayer: Children will view a Bible story video, participate in a focusing activity and devotional time, listen to Scripture music, and pray together.

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Participants use the DC4K Activity Book

Each DC4K participant receives an Activity Book. Using a variety of puzzles, activities, journaling, drawing, and a gospel presentation, the Activity Book helps children sort through their thoughts and emotions. It also helps them discover what God says about their situation.

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